Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Well, I am sooooooo excited!  I FINALLY taught myself how to make calendars.........after YEARS of using and downloading other peoples, I can do it myself now!!!!  So, I just HAD to share!!!

You can download them here.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Well, since this is the first year that one of my children is attending school, then that means that this is our first family spring break.  So far, we have not done much of anything.  However, i have really enjoyed both of my kiddos being home, and playing CONSTANTLY.  Abby and Carter both have played, played, played.  They of course argue, but that is understandable, since they are 6 & 3.  It is so neat to see them grow up together, since I didn't have that, and did not see it either.  Their are so many things that I am learning, since I have had our children.  We are SO BLESSED!

Most people i think, take for granted little small things.....since they have known it their whole lives.  For instance, a normal family, never notices that their kids walk the same, or their eyes are exactly the same shape.  Since I was adopted, I never got to see or be around anyone who looked like me, or who did things the way i did.  So, this experience so far has been just breathtaking for me.  Both of our children have MY skin.  It is so wild to me....Abby has just about every trait that i do....she is so emotional like me, and she wears her feelings on her shoulders the way i did when i was younger, she is totally head over heels in love with her daddy, the way i was with mine at that age.  The list goes on and on.  And where do i start?  He is the baby.....having him really did help me heal a lot from losing our baby.  He helped me hope again, and not be bitter anymore.  God ALWAYS knows what He is doing even when we question him...which we should not.  Carter has cute puffy cheeks that bounce when he walks.  He has my hair, but he has his daddy's cute looks.  He is very mischievous, and the biggest lover i have ever met.  He tells me on a weekly basis he wants to marry me. :)  he is a doll.

We are having some major car issues, which i think we always will.  My mom tells me if we didn't have bad luck we would have none at all.....i think she is right.  :)  I will continue to Praise my sweet Jesus, even through this storm, our lives could be much much worse.

I found out about a week ago, that later this month I am going to have a procedure done.  It is called an endrometrial ablation.  My doc wants me to have this, since i can go like a whole year without having one monthly.  So, next Monday, i will have a biopsy done, and as long as i have no precancerous or cancerous cells, then we are all set to go.  If some of those bad cells are found, i will then have a hysterectomy.  so, looks like either way, I'm gonna be knocked out and have something done...oh fun!  NOT!

Oh well, no more monthlys for me, either way......YAYAYAYAYAY!  Well, i guess i need to stop rambling and clean some more.  Thanks for listening to my thoughts.....more to come later! :)